Turkish security forces arrested a French Islamic State (Isis) after he crossed into the country from Syria to get a hair transplant, local reports said.

The Isis French militant, who was on the radar of the Turkish intelligence agency, was in a salon getting a hair transplant. The Turkish forces said that he was planning another terror attack in the country.

The Isis terrorist, identified as Mehdibend Said, reportedly told the investigators he wanted to have a second cosmetic procedure for his baldness to make him "look better".

Turkey has been carrying out a major crackdown in the past few months on Islamic State militants. According to AFP, 38 foreigners were arrested recently while they were on their way to join Isis in Syria.

As per an estimate by the French authorities, at least 500 of its nationals are in Syria and Iraq fighting for the Islamic State; of these as many as 250 have returned, while more than 700 would most probably have travelled to the Middle East to join Isis.

Earlier this month, France arrested a 25-year-old man with Isis-links, saying he was plotting an attack on Toulon naval base.