ISIS Map of the world
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The Islamic State militants have drawn up a new map that shows the areas of the world that they seek to ultimately capture and control under its so-called 'caliphate'. The map shows the hardliners' chilling desire to annex major parts of the world, including all Arab countries, almost half of all African countries, many countries in Europe including Spain, and about 25% of Asia.

The Iraqi News has compiled the names of countries and areas that the ISIS planned to annex and announced the same via some Jihadist websites. These include: the Levant, Hijaz, Yemen, Khorasan, Kurdistan, the Caucasus, Anatolia, Europe, Andulusia, Abyssinia, and Maghreb.

The deadly Sunni Militant outfit also noted that the map of the Islamic 'caliphate' contains the division of the captured lands into several states (Emirates) with each state having a group of countries. For instance, the 'state' of Iraq would contain both Iraq and Kuwait, the extremist organisation claimed.

Similarly, the state of the 'Levant' would purportedly include Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Jordan and the Sinai, while the state of the Hijaz will have Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain and Oman. According to Iraqi News, the militants claimed the state of Yemen would remain unchanged and the state of Khorasan will have countries like Iran, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan and the Indian subcontinent.

The group made similar announcement back in the beginning of July after they formally declared the establishment of a caliphate, or 'Islamic State' in the vast stretches of the Middle East.

The extremist group, that has left much of the Western countries in horror with its crimes, have demanded allegiance from Muslims around the world while also recruiting new members from Western world who have lately fallen prey to the hypnotic luring of the dreaded organisation, who often try to attract people to join their cause by making promises of obscure things like '72 eternal virgins in heaven'.