An armed Islamic State police in Mosul
An armed Islamic State police in MosulIslamic State Nineveh Information Centre

Reports out of Mosul claim that the Islamic State(ISIS) militants have executed two Iraqi female politicians in Mosul.

The two female candidates, who were former members of the Iraqi parliament were taken into custody by ISIS three months back. The Sharia court that tried the two women and found them guilty of unlawful activities against ISIS. The two were arrested by ISIS for their work with the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP).

The Iraqi women were members of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) and since ISIS considers the Kurds as infidels, any alliance with them could end with a death penalty.

The local report claims that following their trial, the two women had confessed to their crimes. The Sharia court however refused to accept their apology and ordered them to be executed by a firing squad instead.

The two women, who have represented the city in the Iraqi Parliament were shot in the public square of Faisalya in central Mosul.

Saad Mamuzin, the head of the KDP's Mosul branch confirmed to Rudaw about the execution of the two politicians.

"One of the candidates was Ibtisam Ali Jarjis on the Watanya list, and the second one was Miran Ghazi, a candidate for Arab List," Mamuzin said. Both women ran in Iraq's parliamentary elections last April.

Earlier last week, reports claimed that ISIS had executed a female politician in Raqqa. The reports said that Saada Al Ahmad was one of the leaders of "Al-Harakat Al-Sha'abiyya Al Qawimiyyeh Al-Massaanda", a political group that was actively working in Raqqa to unify the Syrian citizens and bring the violence in the country to an end.

This is the second incident in Mosul in which political activists have been targeted by ISIS. In September, an Iraqi lawyer and human rights activist was killed by Islamic State fighters, after she put up a post on her Facebook page condemning the "barbaric" bombing and destroying of mosques and shrines in Mosul.