A majority of Isis supporters in Saudi Arabia are women and many have been lured into love affairs with Islamic State militants, a group of hackers in Saudi Arabia found after hacking into email and Twitter accounts of Isis sympathisers. 

The cyber hacking group, called 'Cyber of Emotion', have hacked into scores of accounts as part of an anti-Isis campaign that they began last week. 

The hackers hacked into several Isis-affiliated Twitter and email accounts, and even found 'love letters' exchanged between militants and women who support the group, Saudi media reported. The shocking revelation was that a majority of Isis supporters were women, the report said.

"In a Daesh (Isis) commander's inbox we found love emails he exchanged with one of his female supporters," the hackers told Al-Watan. It is, however, not clear how many accounts the group hacked into.

"The electronic war we unleashed on Daesh (Isis) targets their accounts and anyone affiliated with them. We will try hard to eliminate them and save our country from their evil designs," the leader of Cyber of Emotions was quoted as saying. 

A study had revealed that quantitatively, the highest number of Isis-supporting Twitter accounts outside of the Islamic State's stronghold in Iraq and Syria were in Saudi Arabia. Saudis are also said to be one of the largest groups of foreign fighters within Isis ranks.

The Saudi hackers are continuing with their campaign despite receiving direct threats from Isis. 

The Islamic State has claimed several terror attacks in the Kingdom over recent months, and several Saudi fighters in the Islamic State have  threatened to kill their families