Islamic State Army police outside its newly setup police station in Mosul
Islamic State Army police outside its police station in MosulIslamic State Nineveh Information Centre

Several Iraqi media outlets have reported that the deadly Ebola virus may have hit the Islamic State, with two cases 'recorded' in Mosul, their stronghold.

Two Ebola and 26 HIV AIDS cases were registered in the city, according to Iraqi newspaper 'Al-Sabah', Iraqi News reported.

The deadly virus, which has killed thousands in West Africa, is believed to have arrived in the Islamic State as jihadists from the continent may have travelled to join the group.

"These diseases moved to Nineveh by terrorists and expats from different countries, especially Africa," the paper said.

However, the World Health Organization has said there is no confirmation of Ebola cases in Iraq, and it is not known if doctors in the conflict-torn city have the adequate medical facilities to detect the virus.

"We have no official notification that it is Ebola," Christy Feig, WHO's director of communications told Mashable.

The organisation, however, said it will reach out to the Iraqi government to investigate the claims.

The Iraqi Health Ministry has also refuted the reports of the Ebola cases, calling them "incorrect".

Mosul has been under ISIS control since June last year, and the militants are believed to have executed scores of doctors and bombed several hospitals.