The Islamic State is reportedly "distributing" women as wives in a sort of "spoils of war" to its fighters injured or maimed while fighting in Syria. 

With scores of fighters injured in clashes with Syrian troops or in airstrikes in Syria, Isis has sought to ensure they get married by distributing "sabayas", female captives, as wives, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) has reported. 

The Islamic State is known for keeping sex slaves, especially from among the captured Yazidis, who are sold to and raped by countless militants.

The group is also forcing these women to marry its militants, especially those who have been maimed, in order to ensure they are not rejected. 

However, the monitoring agency, which has been covering Isis atrocities in Syria, said Kurdish women are not sold as wives to Isis militants for the fear they would "kill their owner and commit suicide". 

The Kurdish women captives are kept in special jails by Isis, said the SOHR. 

The Islamic State has also reportedly set up houses for "free women" to accommodate those who convert to Islam, but it does not allow them outside to ensure they do not return to their families. 

Isis atrocities against women captives have been documented after women who escaped the terror group spoke of their horrors. 

Isis even sells young girls as sex slaves. Reportedly, the girls are often forced to engage in sadistic acts, and those who refuse are killed.