The Islamic State's penchant for technology has reportedly pushed it to build its own messaging app on Android to ensure communication among members is secure. 

According to counter-terror network Ghost Security Group, Isis has developed an encrypted messaging app call Alrawi as an alternative to Telegram. 

"The encryption is not as robust as what you would find coming out of a company's R&D labs, but it does stand to prove they are making efforts to encrypt their own communications to some degree," a spokesperson for Ghost Security Group told Newsweek.

Isis had widely used Telegram for propaganda and recruitment, before the app starting clamping down on Islamic State's broadcast channels on the platform In November 2015.

Isis had created the Amaq Agency app last year to spread its news to followers. 

 "The Amaq Agency app is designed to distribute propaganda whereas the other app they are circulating — Alrawi — has limited encrypted communications abilities," the counter-terror group said. 

While both apps are built for Android, they are not available on Google PlayStore.

The Islamic State has heavily used social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to spread its ideology and attract recruits from around the world.