David Haines
UK aid worker David Haines was beheaded by Isis.SITE Intelligence Group

British national David Haines is believed to have helped in creating a children's story book while in ISIS captivity.

Haines, who was the first Briton to be beheaded by ISIS, left behind a series of stories for his children, which now have been made into a book by two French journalists, who too had been taken captive but released later.

According to Russia Today, the book, titled Papa Hérisson Rentrera-t-il à la Maison? ("Will Daddy Hedgehog Ever Come Home?"), written by Nicolas Henin and illustrated by Pierre Torres, will hit the book stores on 11 March.

Both Henin and Torres were taken by ISIS as hostages in 2013 and were freed ten months later. Haines, a British aid worker, who was abducted by ISIS the same year, met the two while in captivity.

Torres and Henin say that Haines provided the inspiration behind the book, which they said was written on "scraps of paper and card they managed to hide from their captors, despite being moved 10 times".

Henin, who has a five-year old daughter almost the same age as Haines' youngest girl Athea, said that though Haines "didn't write this book, his spirit is in this work. His spark is there".

Henin and Torres spent months imprisoned alongside other kidnapped foreigners who have since suffered the same tragic fate as Haines, including taxi driver Alan Henning, American journalists James Foley and Steven Sotloff and aid worker Peter Kassig.

Torres said his time in captivity taught him that the plight of family and friends were more 'painful' than 'the hostage himself.'