Babil Khan, son of late Bollywood-Hollywood actor Irrfan Khan, has spoken about religious discrimination in India. He has shared his fears of being judged by his religion if he expresses his honest views about it.

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Don't Judge Me by my Religion
He has stated on Instagram Stories that he does not want to be judged by his religion. ""Can't even post anything about how I feel about the people in power without my whole f**king team telling me that it might end my career. I am scared, I am afraid. I don't want to be. I don't want to be judged by my religion. I am not my religion, I am a human being, just like the rest of India," he wrote.

He added, "Mandatory holiday for Eid cancelled on Friday while holiday for Raksha Bandhan on Monday still given. Okay then no problem, I'll just celebrate Eid when it's not Eid on Saturday,"

Babil said that he would be called anti-national or asked to leave to Pakistan if he expresses his views without fears.

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"Waiting for the 'toh Pakistan Ja na phir you anti-nationalist' comments like.... First of all, I love India, and I'm telling you this because I do my education in London and every time I go, I can't wait to come back and take rickshaw rides with my hernias, have panipuri at Aksa beach, travel anywhere; in the forests, the crowds... I love India. Don't you dare, call me an anti-nationalist, I promise you, I'm a boxer, I will break your nose," he added.