Late actor Irrfan Khan used to scribble notes on the walls of his home. This was revealed by his elder son Babil on Instagram.

Irrfan Khan, Babil Khan
Irrfan Khan with son Babil KhanInstagram

"When you zoom in to notice what's written on the wall behind me, Baba wrote notes on my walls when I left for London, I guess he still liked drawing on the walls, I guess the child was still alive, which brings me great joy, and yes he spelt 'opinion' with an 'E', I am obviously biased here cause I think that's kind of ducking awesome and also I spelt that with a 'D' on purpose before autocorrect decides that profane language must not be spoken.

Irrfan Khan
Irrfan KhanTwitter

"Plus I like ducks, there's a secret joke in that, see if u can find it. And no I'm not sad in the picture, I smoked a spliff, deal with it. I'm 22. I gotta live a little," Babil shared, with a picture of his scribbled wall.

He also shared a picture where father and son are planting a sapling.

Irrfan died in Mumbai on April 29.