The Islamic State militants in Iraq have reportedly kidnapped around 200 people from the Kirkuk district after accusing them of allying with security forces. 

Isis kidnapped the 200 people from al-Halawat village on Thursday, Iraqi media reported. 

The Isis militants accused the villagers of revealing their whereabouts to the Iraqi security forces as well as to the Kurdish Peshmerga forces, who are fighting the terror group in the region. 

"Elements of the Isis organisation abducted, today, 200 people in the villages of the al-Halawat belonging to the district al-Zab southwest of Kirkuk," a local source told

"The abduction process of those people was carried out on charges of passing information on the whereabouts of ISIS leaders to the Peshmerga, al-Hashed al-Sha'bi and the security authorities," the source said. 

It is not clear if there were women and children among the 200 people abducted by Isis. Their fate is not known. 

Isis has kidnapped and executed hundreds of civilians in Iraq and Syria over the last year.