The Islamic State once again executed civilians on charges of homosexuality, by throwing them off a tall building in Mosul in Iraq on Sunday. 

Isis threw at least nine "gay" men off a tall building in Mosul after accusing them of being homosexual, which is deemed crime punishable by death. 

"Gunmen belonging to ISIS threw on Sunday nine civilians from the top of a high building in the city of Mosul after being accused of homosexuality," a local from the Nineveh province told Iraqi News. 

Isis has carried out similar executions of homosexuals in the past, throwing them off cliffs or stoning them to death. 

In February this year, Isis militants threw a man accused of homosexuality off a building, but after he survived the fall, they stoned him to death. 

Recent reports have suggested that the Islamic State militants are posing as gay men in order to trap homosexuals to execute them.