The Sunni terror group Islamic State (Isis) has banned all non-Islamic books in the Iraqi city of Mosul. Isis fighters recently carried out searches at homes and offices of local residents to check for non-Islamic books. 

Books related to science, art and history were seized from the homes and offices of residents in the city's al-Jadida area. Isis fighters then made a bonfire of the seized items.  

"Isis recently conducted raids in search of non-religious books and scientific publications in the houses in Mosul. The aim of such [such] operation [is] to prevent every idea, which is not compatible with the perspective of the organisation," a Kurdish official told

Isis, which believes in a strict interpretation of Sharia law, is opposed to any scientific thinking. The Sunni terrorist group has even removed mathematics, science and other subjects from school curriculum. According to the Daily Mail, Isis has forbidden teachers that "the two-times table shouldn't be taught as all knowledge belongs to the creator."

The terror group in February this year destroyed the historical Mosul library, including 8,000 rare books and manuscripts kept in th library.