Woman wearing Hijab

The footage of a muslim woman ripping her hijab off has emerged when a cleric told her to dress in a more appropriate manner while she was already wearing a burqa and veil.

The man said, 'Fix your hijab or I'll get you arrested'. The lady challenged the cleric and ripped the hijab off. The entire video is seemed to have been shot in Iran.

Hijab is a very sacred part of the Muslim culture. Especially in Iran, wearing a hijab is compulsory and not doing so begets punishment and jail time.

Women have been revolting against this culture for years now. An online movement, 'My Stealthy Freedom', started the White Wednesday campaign where men and women were asked to dress in white to show their solidarity.

Iranian journalist and author Masih Alinejad said, 'This campaign is addressed to women who willingly wear the veil, but who remain opposed to the idea of imposing it on others. Many veiled women in Iran also find it's compulsory imposition to be an insult. By taking videos of themselves wearing white, these women can also show their disagreement with the said imposition,' as reported by metro.uk.