Corporate India raised about 10 times more funds via initial public offerings (IPOs) in FY2016 as against the previous year, said the National Stock Exchange (NSE) in a statement. A total of Rs. 14,508 crore was raised by 22 firms that made their debut on exchange platforms in the country.

"In spite of volatile secondary market, fund raised through IPO issuances in the FY 2015- 16 have witnessed an increase of more than 10 times of FY 2014-15, [sic]" NSE said. The total money raised through IPOs last fiscal stood at Rs 1,418 crore.

The statement said as many as 21 out of 22 entities were oversubscribed during the current fiscal, while 15 of them also reported listing gain. It was reported that evidently most of the offerings were from corporates who had sizeable private equity funds in their holding structures.

"Apart from the economic scenario, an enabling legal framework may have also helped the IPO market. Capital market has seen introduction of some prominent norms and regulations to make fund raising process simpler and less time consuming, [sic]" said the NSE statement.

The 2015 fiscal year witnessed a series of regulatory changes, the most important being the launch of the e-IPO gateway. The gateway, for which the market regulator Sebi has approved norms, facilitates companies to launch their IPOs in an electronic form (e-IPO). This helped many investors reduce the time taken between share sale and listing. It enhanced the reach of retail investors in share sale and reduce costs, added the statement.

With a 33 percent representation, infrastructure companies dominated the chart among listed entities. Incidentally, 66 percent of the over-Rs 500-crore issues were traded on NSE's exchange — an indication of its growing popularity.