The Indian Premier League is a decade old cash-rich league and all night matches were scheduled for an 8 pm IST start. This could all change if Star India, who beat Sony to become the new broadcasters of IPL, approve the Board of Cricket Control in India's idea of starting games at 7 pm IST.

Starting matches at 8 pm has led to problems for all involved during the matches, including fans, who has to travel back home. Travelling for all parties involved on matchdays seems to be a major reason why the BCCI has asked for match timings to be changed. 

Besides the fans, people watching the game on television might also have trouble to stay awake long into the night. 

The new proposal, if approved, could address such situations. The idea was first mooted in the IPL general council meeting. With some matchdays witnessing double headers, mostly on weekends, the 4 pm match could also start an hour earlier.

IPL fans
Cricket fans will love if match timings are brought forward by an hour.IANS

The franchises also seem to be okay with a 7 pm start, but it remains to be seen if Star India will agree to the proposal.

"It was just a thought (starting game at 7 pm) and everyone welcomed it but first we need to speak to broadcaster and take their nod. We will work on modalities then. There are many centres where traveling is major concern. All the issues were discussed and we all thought to start the game but early," IPL chairman Rajeev Shukla told The Indian Express.