Moment is launching a new app for iOS devices and it's called Rtro. The app allows users to record videos and add retro filters to them before sharing them as Instagram stories, Snapchat, and other social media platforms.

Rtro is pretty easy to get used to as the app itself launches you into a camera screen. The app then allows you to swipe left or right to choose from a plethora of retro filters. You adjust the intensity of the filters by either dragging up or down the screen. From there you can tap the capture button to record a video for up to a minute. The videos are usually split across multiple clips. If you've used VSCO before, you will get the gist of it.

If you're looking to post stories that look good and stand out from the general crowd, Rtro will help you in making that happen.

Rtro app offers iPhone users cool filters
Rtro app offers iPhone users cool filtersRtro

From the design standpoint itself, Rtro is pretty clean and intuitive. However, the idea on which the app is based on is that users will directly export footages to multiple social media platforms.

Additionally, all the filters in the app are created by individual artists that have partnered with Moment. These creators include filmmakers, photographers, and as well as Moment employees. Although as of now the app doesn't have any filters from popular creators, in time we expect many creators sharing their work on the app.

Rtro is can be downloaded for free from App Store and it comes with a few filters that you can mess around with. However, if you want to expand your filters library, you'll have to pay a flat $15 for a year or $2 per month.

Rtro app offers iPhone users cool filters
Rtro app offers iPhone users cool filtersApp Store

This subscription not only gives you access to all current and upcoming premium filters but also allows you to perform a few other tasks, including controlling frame rates, subject tracking autofocus, and the option to disable watermark, which will show up by default on the free version of the app.

Even though the creators of the app are looking to add a few more basic features, the main goal to keep the app "quick to use" remains as a priority.