If you've been using Instagram, you'd probably be familiar with the Boomerang feature of the app, which allows users to create back-and-forth video loops. In five years Boomerang has been available to users, there hasn't been a single big update that actually makes a difference to users. That ends now.

Instagram is getting desperate in keeping its dominance intact, but Snapchat's growing popularity and TikTok's global reception is making it hard to stay afloat. Instagram rivals have a lot to offer and video filters and editing tools are just a part of the big scheme. But Instagram is catching up with the biggest update to its popular Boomerangs in years.

New Boomerang effects

Instagram users will see three new Boomerang filters, which will allow them to create new moments and bring refreshing perspectives. When users swipe right on Instagram to open Stories and then swipe left on the screen's shutter selector, there will be new effects and a useful option to trim videos.

Instagram gets new feature
Instagram gets new feature

Before we get to the tools, it is worth noting that video trimmer is incredibly useful in giving a catchy start to your video. The initial few seconds of the video decide whether a viewer watches the entire video or not. If there's a gripping start, viewers are likely to stick till the end. Instagram is finally allowing users to choose where the video starts and how it ends by trimming the unnecessary parts.

But it is the three new Boomerang tools that are grabbing all the attention. Users will be able to use SlowMo, Echo and Duo to make their videos fun on Instagram, TechCrunch reported. Here's how each filter works:

Instagram gets new features
Instagram gets new featuresInstagram via Twitter

SlowMo: As the name suggests, this effect slows down your Boomerang to capture each detail at half the speed as regular Boomerangs. In SlowMo, the video is played for two seconds in each direction instead of one second.

Echo: This particular filter creates a double vision effect to your videos, which looks tripping. A translucent trail appears behind anything moving to give your videos a tipsy feel.

Duo: This filter rapidly rewinds the Boomerang video to the beginning with a digitized effect.

If you've been using Snapchat, these filters won't seem new to you. In fact, Snapchat and TikTok have far too many effects to create compelling videos. This is a good start for Instagram, but the Facebook-owned social network needs to work twice as hard to keep up with its rivals.