iPhone 6 gets discounted in India
iPhone 6 gets discounted in IndiaReuters

After Apple's on-going legal battle with the FBI, the hottest Apple-related topic is the much-awaited iPhone SE, which is expected to be unveiled March 21. According to a report by the Apple Insider, the iPhone SE, which is expected to be a step forward from iPhone 5s, will pack a 4K camera.

The iPhone 6s and the 6s feature a 1/3" sensor capable of recording 4K video and snapping 8 MP pictures and this feature in the iPhone SE puts it in the same league as Apple's flagship smartphones camera wise.

"According to a tipster, Apple plans to tout the imaging prowess of the so-called 'iPhone SE' in a forthcoming promotional video that features a scene comprised of 4K footage captured completely on-device," reads the report, but states that the claim is unverified.

The report also says the tipster could not confirm whether the videos were for Apple's upcoming media event, but claimed that the videos were filmed "on location in New York as recently as last week."

Additionally, rumours have surfaced online according to iPhoneabonnementen, a Dutch website, that show a photo of the iPhone SE's box and say that the iPhone SE will be shipped with a pair of Ear Pods, alluding to the fact that Apple might be ditching the 3.5mm jack.

From what we've gathered, the iPhone SE is a 4.0 inch smartphone, which is supposed to be an upgrade to the iPhone 5s. In terms of design, it's supposed to resemble the iPhone 6 and 6s and is expected to be powered by Apple's A9 processor. Two versions are expected to be unveiled with 16 and 64 GB of storage and feature 12MP primary camera. It's also expected to offer NFC support and a contact-less Apple Pay feature.