Rumours of the iPhone 7 are already flying high. The next iPhone release is not due for another 10 months but nothing stops industry experts from sharing unknown facts about the new handset. The latest rumour comes from a leading market intelligence provider TrendForce that suggests a waterproof build for iPhone 7 and increased RAM.

The speculation about iPhone 7 laid out by TrendForce is a part of the firm's market analysis, which projects the market share gap between Apple and Samsung will edge closer in 2016. Given the ongoing rumours about next iPhones, 2016 appears to be an important year for Apple. In addition to the iPhone 7 launch next year, Apple is also said to unveil an upgraded 4-inch iPhone in the second quarter, TrendForce points out.

But the iPhone 7 release will be a big one as every new alternate iPhone tends to feature major upgrades. For instance, iPhone 6 was heavily applauded for its massive design change while the iPhone 6S series was mainly focused on the internal upgrades. Similarly, as TrendForce suggests, the iPhone 7 will feature a waterproof chassis and 3GB RAM will be integrated into the 5.5-inch iPhone 7 Plus model.

"The major selling points of the next iPhone will be the 3GB memory upgrade for the 5.5-inch model and waterproof feature," TrendForce reported.

There have been rumours about the iPhone 7 but nothing has been confirmed till date. A recent report suggested that the 2016 iPhone flagship will offer a special panic-mode security feature to protect sensitive information on the device. Other possible features include an eye-tracking technology, OLED display, A10 chipset and a new design.

The Apple iPhone 7 is expected to follow the regular launch timetable and release in September. Until then, we are likely to be treated with regular doses of rumours and speculations about the device.