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A flurry of rumours has surfaced online regarding an upcoming Apple tablet, aimed at the laptop market. Along with the much awaited next-generation iPhone, iPad and iPad Mini, it is speculated that the Cupertino giant may be working on a massive 12.9-inch tablet called 'iPad Maxi'.

According to ET News,  Apple is trying to get the components required for an early 2014 release of the iPad Maxi aimed at the 13-inch laptop market. It is said to be approaching Korean display suppliers and several other hardware manufactures for the necessary apparatus.

The major selling-points of the product are expected to be its comparable screen real-estate, quality, improved battery life and portability. The 13-inch tablet is expected to boost the already popular tablet market which may overtake the notebook and ultrabook segment. It's also said that Apple is planning to tap the educational market with its tablet in the form of digital textbooks.

But there are also contradictory reports about the anticipated arrival of iPad Maxi. According to, Apple may not launch the tablet anytime in the near future and in no way it would be dubbing its product 'iPad Maxi'., citing International Data Corporation statistics, reported that even as tablets are increasingly replacing PC products, the trend is more positive towards tablets which are smaller than eight inches.  has dubbed the iPad Maxi reports as 'the most ridiculous rumour of the day'.

If Apple is indeed launching the product, the device's portability might be compromised and also developers will have to alter their apps to support the tablet unless it is a low-resolution screen. The current iPad from Apple has a 9.7-inch screen while the iPad mini has a smaller 7.9-inch display. With a considerable market for iPad mini already existing and the prospects of new risks involved in the launch of a massive tablet, it would have to be seen whether the so-called iPad Maxi is worth a risk for the top-tablet maker.

Meanwhile, tech enthusiasts around the world are eagerly awaiting Apple's keynote address at its Worldwide Developers Conference scheduled for 10 June and the new announcements that would follow it.