Apple iOS 9 rollout just began a few days ago and new problems are surfacing on updated devices. Amid more serious troubles such as cellular data troubles, sudden crashes and others, iPhone users are experiencing a new problem with the volume.

According to German publication, some users are complaining that the volume on their phones suddenly shuts off while using WhatsApp or Facebook.

The complaints of the new bug causing the volume malfunction began after updating to iOS 9. When users checked for volume, they were surprised to find the volume turned to zero. Similarly, some users also complained that sharing an image using WhatsApp caused the volume to turn right down to zero and fails to return to normal sound even after closing the app, Value Walk reported via

This has caused a great amount of dismay among iPhone users, considering WhatsApp and Facebook are probably the most used apps for communicating and socialising.

The source of the problem remains unclear at the moment. All hints are pointing towards iOS 9 instead of a technical glitch with third party apps such as WhatsApp or Facebook. It is also possible app developers must tweak their codes to remain compatible with the iOS 9 software.

Apple is doing its share of bug fixing by rolling out frequent updates. The Cupertino-based tech giant has already rolled out two software updates, iOS 9.0.1 and iOS 9.0.2, since the major iOS 9 hit the devices last month.

The latest software update addressed the pressing concerns of cellular data troubles, iMessage activation issues, iCloud backup errors and unintended screen rotation.

If the volume shut down issue lies within Apple's iOS 9, we are hoping to see another patch to be rolled out soon.