Apple WWDC 2015 Key Highlights Day 1: 7 Major Announcements Made At The Event
Apple WWDC 2015 Key Highlights Day 1: 7 Major Announcements Made At The EventScreenshot Apple

Apple is expected to launch its current iOS 8 software's successor this year. With rumours running wild about iOS 9's upgrades and release date, we bring you a round-up of all possible integrations to be seen in the upcoming OS.

According to 9to5Mac's Wednesday report, Apple will add a new Home app to manage all home-connected devices. For Apple, iOS 9 is going to be an important update as it not only brings new software to its customers, but also powers the iPhone 6 successor.

9to5Mac further states that Apple employees have already started testing the new Home app, but it is limited on features. With hopes to see a dedicated app for all connected home accessories, there is a good chance that the Home app may not see the light of the day in iOS 9. The publication says lack of functionalities integrated in the app may be a major setback.

However, if Apple decides to integrate Home into its iOS 9 software, sources have highlighted some functions will be carried out by the app. Users will be able to set up and control HomeKit devices wirelessly, create a virtual representation of rooms to better organise and connect, and sift "series of screens" to find new smart home apps and products. This app will certainly stack up on Apple's ongoing efforts to materialise HomeKit, which the company showed us at last year's WWDC event.

If launched, Home will be Apple's first app that controls HomeKit products. Siri, of course, will be integrated into HomeKit to support voice controlled navigation. But having a dedicated app gives a one-stop-shop for users.

Other than the new Home app, iOS 9 is also expected to borrow a page from Apple Watch. According to another 9to5Mac report, the new software for iPhones and iPads will bring new font developed for the Apple Watch. Other changes include a new and overhauled music app, deeper CarPlay integration, split screen view for iPads and major bug fixes and improvements.

Apple is expected to launch the new software during its upcoming WWDC event on 8 June.