Ahead of the iOS 16 release, a new report has claimed that tech giant Apple's iOS 15 is now installed on 89 per cent of iPhones introduced in the last four years, while 10 per cent continue to run iOS 14.

According to MacRumors, the tech giant updated its iOS 15 installation numbers for the first time in five months, giving us a clearer picture of just how many devices are running the latest update nine months after it launched.

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Only one per cent have an earlier version of iOS installed, the report said.

When taking into account iPhones released more than four years ago, 82 per cent of all devices are running iOS 15. Fourteen per cent are running iOS 14, and 4 per cent are running an earlier version of iOS.

Apple. (File Photo: IANS)
Apple. (File Photo: IANS)IANS

Apple last updated its aCEiOS 15aCE installation numbers in January, and adoption rates have risen since then. Back in January, just 72 per cent of iPhones introduced in the last four years were running iOS 15.

Since January, Apple has added multiple new features through iOS updates, including iOS 15.4, a major update that brought Face ID with Mask support, Universal Control, and new emojis.