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Fans of "Suits" will finally get a few answers to the questions plaguing them since Season 5 finale. On Wednesday, July 13, Season 6 premieres on USA Network and on Saturday, July 16 on Comedy Central in India. We know that Mike is in prison and the rest of the team is left with nothing but an abandoned building. What happens next is anybody's guess.

Patrick J Adams, who plays Mike, recently took part in a telephonic press conference where he spoke about the show's future, his character's future and about directing a few episodes of Season 6, among other things.

In the upcoming season, Adams will have very few scenes with the rest of the main cast as Mike is in the jail. When International Business Times, India asked him about the pros and cons of shooting separately, here is what Adams had to say: "The best part is that feeling of getting to be on a new show, getting to new ways of doing things and work with the writers and the directors to create these new worlds - this new world, the present world."

Adams, however, says he missed working with the rest of the gang: "...The hardest part is that I miss my friends and a lot of those interactions. I miss what Mike feels like...And I miss the interactions between Mike and Donna. I miss the looks that Mike gives Louis when Louis is doing something weird. I miss an intimate scene with Rachel where we get to see, you know, how the walls come down a little bit."

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Adams further added that he cannot wait to reunite with them. "All of those relationships I got so used to playing. I'm definitely realising that being away from them is sad, because it would be for Mike, and I'm excited to hopefully be reunited with them soon," he says.

Adams will be donning the hat of a director along with that of an actor this season. "Ultimately for me, getting to direct an episode of the season has easily been the biggest gift of the show for me over the course of six seasons. It's an opportunity to explore all of these characters, work with them, work with these amazing actors that we have to come up with new and dynamic ways for them to deal with the circumstances they have. I mean, in a strange way you get to be the boss – whereas if you're an actor, you don't necessarily get to make the choices," Adams explains.

The upcoming Season 6 of "Suits" will premiere at 9 p.m. (EST) via USA Network on Wednesday, July 13 and at 10 p.m. (IST) via Comedy Central India on Saturday, July 16. Ahead of that, Comedy Central India has organised exclusive screenings of the premiere episode "To Trouble" at Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore on Tuesday, July 12.