Smart, energetic, matured and confident. These are words that best define actress Namitha Pramod, the new face of Malayalam film industry. She might be just 18 but she is serious about her future in Industry.

Currently awaiting her new release "Vikramadithyan" by Lal Jose, this newbie is all set for her new innings as a college student in real life. Pramod shares her dreams and future with International Business Times, India Edition. 

You are only 18 and already in the list of top actresses. How do you feel about it?

NP: Even I am surprised with my career. I never thought I would be here as I am now. There are many who wish to be in this industry and I am happy that I am a part of it, where there are innumerable talents.

You worked with the best directors in the fraternity within a short career span. How has it benefitted you as an actress?

NP: It was a dream come true moment for me when I signed Sathyan Anthikad's "Puthiya Theeranagal". To begin your career as a lead actress with Sathyan sir does add value to your life. Then I did "Sound Thoma" with Vyshakan sir, which was a mass entertainer. Then came a film with Lalu uncle (director Lal Jose) who is more like my guide and then there was Lijo chettan (director Lijin Jose) a wonderful person to work with. I think I have been lucky to work with these people. They taught me a lot.

You are not from a film background. There can be confusions when it comes to making decisions in films. Do you have someone to guide you through such difficult times?

NP: Yes. When I am confused I always turn to Lalu uncle. He is my friend and guide too. We are close as a family. I can always give a call to him and ask "How should I go about this?". He is there always for me as a mentor. Then, definitely my parents. They are my biggest strength and my biggest critics. They will point out every good and bad thing in me so that I can grow as a person.

You told us about your directors, How about your costars? Who is your favorite?

NP: Ohhh....Don't ask me such difficult questions. I can't pick anyone. All are great people. Nivin Chettan (Nivin Pauly) is quite different among all, but he is a fun guy. Dileepettan (Dileep) is an entertainer. He cheers everyone up in the set. Then Chackochan (Kunchacko Boban) is a great friend. Dulquer and Unni Mukundan are just wonderful. I enjoy working with them all and it is difficult to compare any of them. 

How do you finalize on your films?

NP: It's the script of the film! I think it's the script of the film that decides its future. So I go for it first. Then you see the director and the team. If the script doesn't demand my presence, I don't think there is a point in doing the film.

How do you prepare for your films?

NP: I have prepared a lot for some of my films specially for my character Thamara in "Puthiya Theerangal". I learned swimming and I got myself tanned for the film. The film demanded my look to be different. In terms of acting, I had to work a lot for the character Maya in "Law Point". I had to bring in lot of nuances for that character and the film itself was in a different kind of genre. I had to train myself to be Maya. Then there was "Pullipulikalum Attinkuttiyum", Kainakari Jayasree is a dancer and I haven't learned classical dance. So I learned dance for that. See, that's what I love being in this industry. You get to learn so much and you play such interesting characters. I love all my characters. They all have been wonderful.

So, does it disappoint you when your films fail to make a mark at the box office after so much of hard work?

NP: Actually No. I did those films because I think my characters were great and box office doesn't actually matter when you are already a part of it. You have already given yourself completely because you know your film is good. I don't think box office matters to me. If the film clicks at the box office, I take it as a bonus.

What kind of characters do you love to play?

NP: I always look for a difference in the script and something that creates a spark in me. They should be interesting enough. I don't want to play characters that stereotype me. After my first film, I got many roles even from Tamil industry that were female centric. But, I did not find a point in doing the same thing again and again.

So are there any good characters that you had sent back and later felt that you should have taken it up?

NP: I had to reject some really good characters because of date clashes. But I don't regret those decisions because I if had chosen those characters I wouldn't have been part of the films I did. It is part of your job and I had to choose the best out of the lot. Those characters were meant for someone else and they have done a good job.

Do you think there is competition among the leading ladies in picking their roles?

NP: Yes definitely! I don't think we would be able to bring out the best in us if there was no competition. Otherwise acting is going be a boring space. I love competition and I take it as a challenge.

So, who is the biggest competition in the industry?

NP: Naah.... (Laughs). You are getting in to a wrong zone. Let's say, all new gen people in the industry. But let me tell you, at present we don't have anyone who can be called the reigning queen of the industry, which includes me. People come and go. No one is staying here permanently. They do few good films here and then move ahead to other industries or they just disappear. So I don't have anyone who is here permanently to compete with.

Are you going to be that permanent girl of Malayalam films?

NP: I hope one day people will call me the reigning queen of the industry. I will do good roles as long as I am here in the industry. I want my characters to be known forever even if I leave the industry. It is not possible for me to be here till I die. I have many other dreams in my life that I have to catch up with.

What are your other dreams?

NP: You know my biggest dream is to be a professor in some college. I love to teach. One day when I have my own family away from all these buzz around me, I will be teaching somewhere in a prestigious college with a Ph.D. So, my studies are important to me. In fact, a few hours back I enrolled myself as a sociology student at St. Teresa's college in Ernakulam. I want my studies and profession to go hand in hand.

Tell us about your new projects.

NP: I have completed shooting for Lalu uncle's "Vikramadithayan" with Dulquer and Unni Mukundan. I play a Konkani girl named Deepika Pai. Currently, I am shooting for Sudheesh Shankar's "Villali Veeran" with Dileepettan. You will see me as a very energetic ad filmmaker.

How do you spend your time when you are not shooting?

NP: If I am not shooting, I just love to be a lazy girl because I can't afford to be lazy at my work. I want to be on my couch and watch TV with my family. Nothing can beat a relaxing mode like that.

Tell us five things that we don't know about you?

NP: Hmm... it's difficult to come up with five things but I can give you a three quick ones. Firstly, I am very sensitive, secondly I am very hard working and the last one would be that I am very studious and very serious about my studies.