Angad Bedi
Angad Bedi in The Verdict – State vs NanavatiPR Handout

Much awaited web-series, The Verdict – State vs Nanavati is all set to be premiered soon. Right before the release of the series, Angad Bedi spoke exclusively with International Business Times, India about his character in it, the highlights of the series, his upcoming movies and a lot more.

While multiple movies, including most recently Akshay Kumar starrer Rustom, have been made on the real case of Nanavati, Angad points out the factors that make the web-series different from those.

Excerpts from the interview:

IBT: So, in the web series you are playing a lawyer, who fights the case for Nanavati. Tell us about your character in it.

Angad: Yes, I am playing this gentleman called Karl Khandalawala, who is an extremely flamboyant lawyer and has never lost a case in his career. He raises many eyebrows because none of the lawyers agreed to take up the case as it was an open and shut case. But, he later turns it 180 degrees in favour of Nanavati. Though there was a dead body, and Nanavati did shoot the guy, Karl managed to convince the jury members and won the case.

IBT: The trailer suggests your character also has some dark shades, does it?

Angad: My character doesn't have dark shade at all. There are difficult questions that he asks Sylvia Nanavati (Kawas Nanavati's wife), and there is a reason to do that. Karl did not fight this case for Kawas, but for Sylvia, because everybody at that point portrayed her to be a villain. He talks about the male chauvinism that persists during that period in the courtroom. Slyvia did make a mistake, but for that, she should be treated as a villain, that's what Karl believed.

IBT: In the real case, Nanavati himself fought his case, isn't it?

Angad: I am not sure if Nanavati himself fought the entire case or not. I don't think that could have been possible. As per my research, it was Karl who fought the case for Nanavati.

The Verdict - state vs Nanavati trailer
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IBT: What do you enjoy more – doing films or web series and why?

Angad: I enjoy both the medium. In films, you get certain characters that allow you to perform really well, but then a major set of audience now prefer to go digital. So, as an actor, you need to be comfortable with both the medium.

IBT: You have been keeping a good mix of roles as you were seen playing negative characters in Pink and The Zoya Factor, while you played positive roles in Ungli and Tiger Zinda Hai. What kind of role can we expect in Gunjan Saxena?

Angad: It's a very loving story among a father and his two children – Gunjan Saxena and I play Anshuman Saxena. It is a story of a girl who wants to chase her dream, and how her brother eventually understands that while he wants to protect her, he also has to let her go free. It's a great story.

The Verdict - state vs Nanavati poster
The Verdict - state vs Nanavati posterPR Handout

IBT: Nanavati vs State story has already been watched by people in the movie Rustom. What difference can the viewers expect in this web series?

Angad: Rustom was in perspective of Nanavati, but this is in perspective of the three lawyers. It shows their background, family, and how two lawyers were pitted against one flamboyant lawyer Karl. So, you will see the perspective of the lawyers, the media, Nanavati, his mother, his wife. It is a great drama to watch with great complex relationships, which come on board.