3D printing is considered as the most innovative technology for its wide application and cost effectiveness. The technology has become so popular that now almost every sector has started using 3D printing in some form.

For example, now scientists are using 3D printers to make human organs, automobile industry is using it for making cars.

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Despite its huge popularity in the US, Europe and South Asia, most of the technology enthusiasts still have a perception that 3D printing is yet to become popular in India. However, the impression is wrong. 

In an interview with IBTimes India, Prasad Radogi, founder and director of Altem Technologies reveals how 3D printing technology is getting popular among enthusiasts.

Can you shed some light on the industries where 3D printing has prospects?

3D printing has already become immensely popular in the industrial segment. Alongside the low cost 3D printers are also encouraging the hobbyist market. For the ongoing innovations lot of new things are coming in the field which will certainly make the 3D Technology industry more interesting and user friendly in the coming days. The enthusiasm around the technology is also making it one of the most demanding technologies over the time.

Which are the ones that are already implementing 3D printing?

All the key industries have already started counting 3D printing Technology as an important part of their manufacturing cycle. For example TATA, Mahindra and HCL have already started using 3D printers as a part of their additive manufacturing for making prototypes of the products. The implementation of 3D technology reduces the tooling cost of the product and it also saves a lot time to make the process faster. It also creates a great impact on the important part of additive manufacturing such as visualisation, ergonomics and functionality. The less tooling costs also helps the companies to keep their end product price less than ever.

Which industries are benefitting from this development?

Literally all the heavy industries, automobiles, cookware companies, aeronautics has already found 3D printers as a great help as they reduces the cost for making tools and takes much less time than the conventional process. 3D printing has also become quite popular in the consumer electronics industry for offering great help in creating the end parts.

Are you taking any initiative for making 3D printing popular among end users?

Yes, ALTEM Technology is actively participating in important school and college seminars for creating some awareness among the students. We also explain the enthusiasts how 3D printer works in our Bangalore office.

We are also offering a free 3D printing service for the enthusiasts stays outside the city through our website www.printmycad.com. For getting your own 3D printed models you just required to upload your 3D object model file on the website and ALTEM will print and send the 3D model to that person for absolutely free.