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In the upcoming episode of A&E's "Intervention," a couple, addicted to heroin, tells their story of how the addiction has ruined their lives and has distanced them from their own children.

CLICK HERE to watch the story of Digger and Anne and their story of heroin addiction that ultimately ruined their life.

According to the synopsis of the episode, "Digger and Anne are husband and wife-and both are addicted to heroin. Intervening on addicted couples is incredibly difficult; and Digger and Anne's situation is complicated further by other addicts in the family. Their three young children are in danger of losing both parents if the couple does not get help soon."

Even though it is not mentioned in the synopsis, it seems that the "other addicts in the family" might hint towards one of their children that must have made the situation worse for the couple.

The name of the interventionist is not revealed in the synopsis. However, given the past record and experience of Candy Finnigan and the way she interacted with Kacy in the last episode, she would be definitely a suitable interventionist for the couple.

Whether Digger and Anne will be benefited from the intervention or not, will be seen once the episode airs.

In the previous episode, Kacy, a successful businesswoman who became a multimillionaire in her 20's, tragically lost her infant child to SIDS. In a series of unfortunate events, she eventually also lost her fortune, her marriage and a healthy relationship with her surviving children as she spiralled into binge drinking.

Penniless, she was hospitalised multiple times a month, while her family desperately tried to save her life. Candy Finnigan was Kacy's interventionist.