The next episode of A&E's "Intervention" Season 15 will showcase the story of Kacy as the episode will explore her tragic life and how she lost everything in her life.

CLICK HERE to watch the story of Kacy as Candy Finnigan will be her interventionist.

According to the synopsis of the episode, "A successful businesswoman who became a multimillionaire in her 20's, Kacy tragically lost her infant child to SIDS. She then lost her fortune, her marriage and a healthy relationship with her surviving children as she spiralled into binge drinking. Now penniless, she is hospitalised multiple times a month, and her family is desperate to save her life." 

As stated by Rehab Reviews, in the previous episode, Sierra, daughter of a small business owner, and an Honor student who dreamt of pursuing a career in journalism talked about her experience of becoming a crystal meth addict when a con artist wooed her mother and made life hell for her.

Sierra talked about how her life changed completely when her mother's lover gambled away their home and tortured her that ultimately led Sierra to a drug-induced psychotic break.

Today, the 19-year-old is a feral junkie, scrapping for a fix on the streets of Northern California. Donna Chavous served as her interventionist.

At the starting of the episode, Sierra confessed that she was "up all night tweaking." She had a gaunt, blotchy skin with scabs all over it. Her eye make-up is smeared and she was looking exhausted.

"It's really hard for me to believe that you guys are interested in anything I have to say," Sierra said, "because I have been told for so long that nothing I have to say matters."