After around seven months, the residents of Jammu and Kashmir can access social media websites on 2G mobile internet. There is no mention of whitelisting of websites as per the new government order issued today. The recent order is applicable until March 17.

J&K govt blocks VPNs

The Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) administration has completely blocked the Virtual Private Network (VPNs), which were used by the local civilians, to access banned social media sites. The notification from the government called for suspending the telecom services temporarily in Jammu and Kashmir.

A notification from Government of Jammu and Kashmir Home Department said, "Upon regular assessment of impact of the directions for regulations of the telecom services on the overall security situation and maintenance of public order and taking note of the position brought out in the reports of the law enforcement agencies, while keeping in view the aspects of reasonability of restrictions with regard to the Principal Secretary to the Government, Home Department, being satisfied that it is necessary so to do, in interest of India's sovereignty and integrity."

The following restrictions were applied to the state of Jammu and Kashmir in regard to internet services. The internet speed will be limited to 2G only. While post-paid connections were able to access the internet, pre-paid users will not be getting internet services.

Internet connectivity, however, shall continue to be made available with Mac-binding.

Internet facility for e-terminals, internet kiosks, tourists, students, traders etc. will continue.

The IGP, Jammu and Kashmir will be responsible for implementing the directions.

J&K Internet Ban
No social media for Kashmiris even after restoration of Internet services

Accessing black-listed social media sites

According to a Kashmir-based social activist, in order to access black-listed social media site, VPN applications that were widely used, have been banned by the administration. "Only one VPN is working over the Airtel. However, it is very slow," he said.

Restoration of low-speed mobile internet in Indian-administered Kashmir was ordered by the authorities, but have allowed access to just 300 "whitelisted" websites.

The order to restore second-generation (2G) mobile internet and data services, issued on Friday, an outrage in a Democracy ended. This came into being about six months back following the abrogation of the state's independence.

Latest inputs, however, state that the internet services have resumed in the state.