Taslima Nasreen makes controversial tweet on International Women's Day 2018
Taslima Nasreen makes controversial tweet on International Women's Day 2018Taslima Nasreen Twitter

On International Women's Day 2018, Taslima Nasreen, Bangladeshi author and feminist, made an emotional tweet about the plight of women. However, some took offense to it while some agreed to her statement.  

Highlighting the cases of sexual assault, and other crimes committed against women, Taslima in her tweet said "hundreds of women get raped" even on Women's Day.

"Men have 364 days, women have only 1 day per year.even that 1 day is not ours.hundreds of women would get raped today,would get killed today,hundreds of girls would become victims of traficking,sexual abuse,domestic violence today. those women don't know it is women's day today! [sic]," Taslima tweeted.

While many Twitter users agreed with what she said, some ridiculed Taslima for making such a "hateful tweet" on Women's Day. Users apparently did not like the way Taslima brought men into her tweet, and for making such a negative tweet on the occasion of Women's Day.

A few days ago, Taslima had received backlash for making a controversial tweet on Sridevi's death. After the veteran actress was found dead under unusual circumstances, Taslima had expressed doubts if she was murdered or she had killed herself.

"Sridevi's body was found in a bathtub full of water. Hope it is not homicide or suicide. [sic]," Taslima had tweeted. As the forensic report had later stated accidental drowning as the cause of death, Sridevi's fans had slammed the author for "spreading baseless rumours".

However, Taslima had later made another tweet without mentioning any name, but many believed it was also connected to Sridevi's death.

"If I die, pl try to find out whether it was natural or unnatural death.If it is unnatural death,try to find out the cause of my death.If you guys are sure it is not an accident or suicide,you have to find the assassin.Don't get busy with crying, praying & RIPing, those won't work [sic]," she had written.

Again she had received a mixed response as some had supported her views, while others ridiculed her for the tweet.