Taslima Nasreen and Sridevi
Taslima Nasreen and SrideviTwitter/Getty Images

Renowned Bangladeshi author Taslima Nasreen tweeted on Monday expressing doubts regarding the cause of Sridevi's death. Although it has been confirmed that Sridevi died due to cardiac arrest, Taslima expressed concern if she committed suicide or someone murdered her.

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Ever since the news of Sridevi's demise broke out, a lot has been talked about the veteran actress' death. While most of the people expressed grief at the loss of the talented actress, many others came up with some conspiracy theories in regard to her death.

Highlighting some reports that claimed that Sridevi was found unconscious inside a bath-tub at the hotel, Taslima tweeted saying "hoping it is not homicide or suicide".

"Sridevi's body was found in a bathtub full of water. Hope it is not homicide or suicide [sic]," the author tweeted. However, Taslima certainly did not predict the result of this tweet as she faced series of criticism.

Many slammed Taslima for spreading baseless rumours and scandalizing the tragic incident. Apparently, Taslima had doubts as Sridevi's body was sent for autopsy, which is a normal practice for deaths that happen outside a hospital or under unusual circumstances.

Meanwhile, the forensic report came out that stated that Sridevi died due to accidental drowning after falling into a bathtub. Traces of alcohol has also been found in her body. This update raised Taslima's doubts further. She came up with another tweet saying healthy people do not get drowned in bathtubs.

Earlier, a social media post by someone named Piyali Ganguli had gone viral in which the cause of Sridevi's death was attributed to her apparent multiple plastic surgeries. In the post, it was said that Sridevi was never content with her beauty, and constantly endeavoured to hide her age. This post was also vehemently criticised for its rude tone.

Sridevi died in Dubai where she had gone to attend a family wedding. Her sudden demise left the entire nation shocked and saddened. Her body has not reached Mumbai yet from Dubai due to delay in completing the formalities. Hence, the funeral ceremony also got delayed. Nonetheless, it is expected that Sridevi's body will reach Mumbai on Monday evening by a charter plane.