A happy family makes a house a home, goes the saying. Family, the smallest yet the most integral block of a society. As the lockdown has made all of us stay home, it goes unsaid families have grown stronger and closer.


According to the psychological study reports, having a sound family background is the best available treatment for most of the mental disturbances and stress.

World Family Day

Organised by the United Nations and Universal Peace Federation, the World Family Day or the International Day of Families is celebrated annually to establish the need of keeping up good familial relations.

In a world of nuclear families, where people are busy running behind their own businesses, values of good family relationships and importance are often forgotten.

The International Day of Families was first observed in 1993 and was initiated by UN General Assembly. The events and celebrations for the day are backed by the governments of several countries who organise activities and events pertaining to the occasion.

The official declaration of the World Family Day by the UN was in 1994 in response to the changing economic and social structures of the industrialised world that in turn severely affected the stability and structure of family units in different parts of the world.


International Day of Families 2020: Theme

The theme for this year's Family day is 'Families and Climate Action'. Previously, it had themes like Families and Inclusive Societies; Families, Education and Well-being etc.

Ways to celebrate the day

With the nationwide lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic forcing us to remain at home all through day and night, the most interesting way to spent time with your family is unquestionable, through binge watching.

Here's the list of few shows in Netflix and other OTT platforms that you could binge-watch with your family:

Mr Bean Series

Be prepared to laugh out loud because you can never let Bean go out for your family! Forget the lockdown woes and let yourself enjoy with your kids and Bean.

mr.bean series
mr.bean seriesamazon.com


Watch it over and over because no one can get over Friends! This epic series is undoubtedly the unavoidable on your list.

FriendsGetty images

Yeh Meri Family

For those families who wish to taste their nostalgic '90s, this Indian TV show is the best suggestion. Stream it to flow with the real familial relations.

yeh meri family
yeh meri familysocialsamosa

The Good Place

A light hearted and extremely funny show, perfect for the day. Interestingly, it talks about life after death that would make both younger and elder people at home sit glued on the couch.

the good place
the good placebuzzfeed

Man with a Plan

Starring the Golden Globe Award-winning actor Matt LeBlanc, the series tells the tale of an old-school guy confronting the modern issues on family, marriage and parenting.

man with a plan
man with a planotakukart.com