Director Venkat Prabhu always makes sure that he entertains audiences of his film with the making scenes at the end of the film. During the making of Thala Ajith's Mankatha also, the critically acclaimed director released the same video, and fans were super excited to see the making scenes. While a lot about the actor was seen in it, the latest buzz is the chain Ajith is seen wearing in the film.

The other day, the film was telecast on a popular Tamil channel and the fans of Ajith had been posting various things about the film on social media. Vasuki Bhaskar, the costume designer of the film had also tweeted an interesting trivia about the film and it is regarding the chain Ajith was seen wearing.

Ajith in Mankatha, and the popular 'handcuff' pendantTwitter

She wrote, "Director wanted a chain with a dollar for #hero as it played a major part in the climax scene were he removes & throws it to e fire. We felt e hand cuff would work as he plays a cop off duty.One 1day of shoot b4 e 1 shot e hand cuff was finalised #Mankatha #Trivia @vp_offl" (sic)

Vasuki revealed that Venkat Prabhu wanted a chain with a dollar pendant, as money in dollars plays a crucial role in the film. But finally, the director zeroed in on the handcuff shaped pendant since Thala Ajith played a cop in the film.

Ajith in Mankatha
Ajith in Mankatha.PR Handout

In case you remember, in the climax fight, it is shown as if dollars are being burnt. Maybe this is why Venkat wanted this dollar pendant. But Ajith removes his chain and throws into the fire, probably suggesting that he has escaped from the handcuffed.

However, fans have got to know some trivia about this film, which was telecast as a treat to the fans during the lockdown.