At the very beginning of his career, actor Ram Charan Tej had a tiff with Nandamuri Balakrishna, one of the very few Telugu actors, who are always surrounded by some of the other controversies. Let us go back to 2011, during the release time of Suriya Sivakumar and AR Murugadoss' 7th Sense. Neither Balakrishna nor Ram Charan had anything to do with the film. But the film itself became the reason for the tiff between them.

The success meet of the film was held in Hyderabad where Ram Charan was the chief guest. At this event, Charan was all praises for AR Murugadoss. He said, "I am impressed with the story and concept of the film. Also, I regret that Telugu film industry does not have a director like Murugadoss. We are not so fortunate to have a talented director like him."

Ram Charan
Ram CharanTwitter

No other actor or filmmaker, from the film fraternity, besides Balakrishna, have responded to Ram Charan's statements. But Balakrishna has taken them so seriously, that he threatened Ram Charan Tej saying that he will break his teeth if he doesn't watch what he is talking about.

"I have seen someone saying on stage that the Telugu film industry is not fortunate to have a director like Murugadoss. What does that guy even know? He is enjoying the fruits of a tree which someone else has planted. I told that guy that I will break his teeth. It is necessary that people keep their tongue in control and watch what they are talking about," said Balakrishna.

Nandamuri Balakrishna
Nandamuri Balakrishna

Media persons have asked Chiranjeevi to respond about the same issue, and the Megastar said, "Balakrishna is a senior actor. Without knowing what has actually happened, I cannot comment on anything."

But somehow, slowly, this controversy cooled down. But still, even today, there is something always wrong between Balakrishna and Chiranjeevi's family.