The hubristic belief of humankind that it is the most evolved species on Earth lets it look down on all the other life forms it shares the planet with. From driving animals to extinction to sadistically abusing them for pleasure, human beings met out cruelty with impunity. However, in an example of karma catching up almost instantaneously, a man abusing a dog was attacked by a cow; saving the animal from him.

In a video shared on social media, a man was captured brazenly hurting a dog. However, while the people witnessing the atrocity chose to remain mute spectators, a cow rescued the canine from his clutches and attacked him. The clip, which garnered over 338,000 views, was shared by Susanta Nanda, an Indian Forest Service officer, who captioned the post, "Karma".

Mute Humans, Sympathetic Bovine

Shared on Twitter, the 15-second-long clip shows a man wearing an untucked checked shirt and black trousers grabbing a dog—likely a stray—by both its ears. Still holding on to its ears, he can be seen lifting the animal and tightly holding its head against his stomach. As the helpless canine manages to stay balanced on its hind legs, it can be seen writhing and howling in pain. Despite its ordeal, the dog does not attack the man or show any signs of aggression. No one comes to its rescue.

However, all of a sudden, a cow bursts into the scene. It pushes the dog away and releases it from the tormentor's grip. The dog is seen running away. In a flash of a second, the cow turns towards the man and butts him with its horns, and pins him to the ground.

Interestingly, bystanders—including the person capturing the video—who did nothing to rescue the dog and remained silent as the man abused it, begin screaming in horror when the cow attacks him. As he is attacked by the cow, the man can be seen lying helplessly on the ground and trying to defend himself. A woman in a red saree attempts to pull him away as the clip comes to an end.

A Case of "Instant Karma"

A cow (Representational Picture)Wikimedia Commons

Following its sharing, the video received hundreds of comments. Several users were of the opinion that the man "deserved" it and it was "instant karma". "That was the best lesson he would ever get," a user wrote. Another comment read, "fantastic. Karma indeed."

Others pointed out that a fellow animal rushed to the dog's aid but human onlookers did not. "Humans were busy recording, one animal understood the other and helped. Indeed we have reached far as species ......" read a comment. A user questioned: "What were those other fellows doing watching that sic fellow torturing the dog?"

Pointing to the gentle nature of the dog, a user stated: "Inspite of pain she is not hurting him. Kindness that animal shows, we humans lack. How do we bring about the change." Another comment expressed, "Just trying to figure out who is the animal in this ....Sorry no doubt it's the man."