Gender reveal parties have more or less become an integral part of parenthood in countries where prenatal sex discernment is legal. Over the past few years, people have found creative ways to carry out 'reveals'. From simple balloon pops to more extravagant fares such as projecting colours along the Burj Kahlifa, it keeps getting innovative. However, a Dubai couple took this to new heights: making a fully-grown tiger pop a balloon to reveal their child's gender.

In a video initially shared on social media by an individual user, a tiger can be seen being used in a gender reveal. The clip got wider attention after it was featured by @lovindubai, a page on Instagram devoted to the city, and has garnered nearly 317,000 views.

"Gender reveal gone #wild congrats mama @dxexb .Disclaimer- tiger was not harmed and plastic was disposed of relax everyone," wrote the user who shared the reel on Saturday. However, the stunt has drawn flak from users who have criticized the misuse of a wild animal.

A 'Wild' Gender Reveal

Tiger gender reveal
A tiger used in a gender reveal in DubaiInstagram screengrab/ @lovindubai

With a caption within the reel that reads, "GENDER REVEAL IN DUBAI BE LIKE," there is no doubt that this gender reveal takes the concept to a whole new level. In the clip, a tiger can be seen walking across the sandy beach near the Burj Al Arab. The imposing luxury hotel is visible in the background.

Accompanied by the soundtrack Jalebi Baby by Tesher, the reel shows the majestic creature approaching a black balloon hanging in mid air; attached to a string with white balloons suspended higher. After taking a moment to gauge the height, the tiger pounces on the black balloon with its claws stretched out, causing the balloon to explode. Pink powder scatters in the wind revealing that the couple is having a girl.

Stunt Draws Flak

While the stunt did leave some users amazed, not all were sold on the idea of using a wild animal for personal pleasure. The clip drew criticism on both the pages that it was shared on. "Yes congratulations and everything. But this animal belongs to the wild," commented a user.

"Why are you featuring this on your page?" a user questioned @lovindubai. Taking a similar stand another user stated, "@lovindubai , how are you encouraging this? It's utterly ridiculous." Pointing to the absurdity of the act, a comment said, "Absolutely ridiculous! Such a shame! Let the wild be in the wild! "

Another user remarked, "Not cool at all.. this is where people are ridiculous, then it's only known as "ridiculous things that happen in ridiculous Dubai" Criticizing the use of a tiger, a user asserted, "Should be in the wild chasing prey not balloons!!" However, one comment summed the collective opinion of most users: "What's wrong with people."