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The Instagram application is seen on a phone screenREUTERS/Thomas White
  • Android users can now post multiple media files in one go on Instagram Stories
  • Apple iOS-based iPhone owners have to wait a few weeks to get this Instagram Stories update
  • Instagram is expected to launch new features in coming days

Facebook-owned Instagram announced a new update to its Android app, bringing value-added options to the Stories feature.

With the new update, Instagram users will now be able to upload multiple photos and videos to their story all at once.

"We're introducing a few updates that make it faster and easier to upload photos and videos to your stories. Whether you want to preview your entire story to make sure it's just right or you're waiting for a strong connection to upload all of your photos and videos from the day, it's now faster and easier than ever to share to your story after the moment has passed," the company said in the official blog post.

Android users can now upload multiple photos and videos on Instagram Stories in one go. IBTimes India/YouTube

Here's how to upload multiple photos and videos on one go on Instagram Stories:

Step 1: Go to 'upload media' and you'll see a new icon at the top right corner of your screen. Tap it to begin selecting up to ten photos or videos from your gallery.

Step 2: Once all the media files are selected, you can see a preview of all the contents of the edit screen. There, you can tap each one to edit individually with stickers, text and all the other creative tools in Instagram Stories. When you're done, all of the photos and videos in the preview will upload at once in the order you selected them.

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The new update brings new feature, which allows users to upload multiple photos and videos on Instagram StoriesInstagram Blog (Press Kit)

The new Stories update is currently being rolled out only for the Android app in phases and as for the iOS users, they have to wait a few weeks to get the new feature.

In a related development, Instagram on May 25 released a new tool for PC version, which allows users to monitor and also download the data (photos and videos) shared on its social media app. The company will bring the similar tool to iOS and Android apps in coming days. This measure is part of the parent company Facebook strengthening user privacy guidelines to protect user data.

Earlier in the year, Facebook was panned over the company's dubious privacy regulations that led to the Cambridge Analytica fiasco.

Data mining firm, Cambridge Analytica illegally obtained the Facebook users' data to create 'psychographic' profiles and delivered the content online. This was a crooked method to trick citizens to believe a particular candidate (their client) is good, while the rival is evil, thereby swinging a political election.

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