Instagram crashing repeatedly: How to fix bug that likely affected all versions of app?
Instagram crashing repeatedly: How to fix bug that likely affected all versions of app?Instagram

Thousands of Instagram users have been reporting of issues with the popular photo-sharing app since Monday midnight. The Facebook-owned photo and video-sharing platform stopped working for several users in many parts of the world, including the U.S., Japan, Australia and some parts of Southeast Asia.

While the total number of affected users was not revealed, Instagram said that only a "small number of people" are experiencing crashes and reinstalling the app could fix the issue. But some users complained that the temporary solution provided by the company did not help, and Instagram has since taken down the tweet, where it acknowledged the issue on Tuesday.

There hasn't been any official update regarding Instagram's outage, but the company is certainly aware of the matter. "We're aware of an issue that may be crashing the app for a small number of people. If you're experiencing this, please reinstall Instagram," Instagram's deleted tweet read.

Users expressed their dismay about Instagram's outage after multiple attempts of reinstalling the app on their phones went in vain. Users also felt aggravated regarding the hashtags not working. #Instagramdown, #Instagramnotworking and #Instagramcrash are the popular hashtags on Twitter where we found users complaining about related problems.

The issue also became the topic for jokes on Twitter.

According to the website, reports of Instagram crashing began at 12:05 am EDT on Tuesday, but the past issues column on the site shows there have been problems on Instagram since Saturday, July 23. The number of reports about the app not working for its users dropped significantly as of 12 noon as compared to around 7 a.m. EDT.

While some users on Reddit said the app worked after reinstalling it, some said it suffered crashes when it was closed. The problem appears to have affected all versions of the app, including Android, iOS and Windows Phone.