Have you heard the saying "a picture is worth a thousand words"? Instagram is looking to prove the statement correct, by letting users post videos on it and watch events in real-time sequences.

The popular photograph-sharing app has launched a video channel dedicated to particular events. One would have to log onto the app and click on the "Explore" tab to view videos posted by other people.

The first video album titled "If you will" opened for users in the United States over the weekend on the occasion of Halloween, Wired first reported.

One can now go through different videos of the same event running in an autoplay format.

If a viewer wishes to follow the creator of the video, he or she can tap on the username and directly visit the post, the website said.

Instagram's editorial team will scoop out the best videos from a pool of videos posted by users. Two years ago, Instagram had launched a compilation of 15-second videos that rivalled Vine and other competitors, Venture Beat reported.

Hashtags, which help bring together similar pictures from users around the world, will serve a similar purpose for the videos. For example, #Halloween2015 was trending over the weekend.

The feature, which does not have a name yet, bears a strange resemblance to Twitter's "Moments". Twitter isn't the only rival for Instagram.

Snapchat which boasts of 100 million active users on a daily basis came up with a similar feature. The only difference that remains  is Snapchat videos get self-destroyed, whereas Instagram is a store house for archives, according to reports.

The company said it did not plan to bring advertisers on board, as it plans to focus on user interaction. However, this would be the next logical step in the near future, Wired noted.