Starting today, Instagram is giving its users more control over their feed. The Facebook-owned social media platform has released a new feature where it allows users to see which accounts they least interact with and which accounts are seen most in their feed.

The new "following categories" divides the list of who you follow into batches, including "most seen in feed" and "least interacted with" to give you an easy option to unfollow those boring or unwanted accounts. Facebook already has an option for its user to prioritise who they see first in their news feed and while Instagram refuses to give such an option, the alternative looks like a welcome addition.

Instagram announced the new feature via a Tweet. It said, "Want to see which Instagram accounts show up in your feed the most and who you interact with the least? Now you can! Just tap "Following" and manage your list from there."

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How to manage Instagram feed?

With the new follow categories, Instagram users will not only have the option to unfollow the accounts they engage the least with or alternatively mute these accounts altogether. The platform is also allowing the users to sort accounts based on the time they have followed those accounts. To manage the feed, you need to go to your profile page and tap on "Following".

On top of the list of people you follow, it will show you Categories on the top. You can tap on the categories to see the accounts under them and select whether you want to keep following them or unfollow them. You can also tap on the three dots symbol next to the 'Following' button and chose to Mute the account.

Instagram user info leaked
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When you tap on the Mute option, you can decide whether to Mute just their posts or their Stories. You can select to mute both. Instagram will not tell a user that you have muted them.

Alternatively, Instagram also gives you the option to turn off notifications for individual accounts as well. You can do so by tapping on Manage notifications. In addition, the following list also has three sort options-- Default, Date Followed: Latest, and Date Followed: Earliest.