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Director Anand Shankar's Telugu movie "Inkokkadu," featuring Vikram, Nayantara and Nithya Menen in the lead roles, has received mixed reviews from the audience in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

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"Inkokkadu," a science fiction thriller, is the dubbed version of producer Shibu Thameens' Tamil movie, "Iru Mugan." Producer Neelam Krishna Reddy acquired the theatrical rights of the Telugu version and released the movie under his banner NKR Films on the day the original hit the screens.

Written by Anand Shankar, "Inkokkadu" revolves around the story of ex-cop Akilan Anand and Love (dual roles played by Vikram). Akilan is an undercover RAW agent, who is working on an assignment at an Indian embassy, which was bombed by some miscreants. His wife (Nayantara) is killed by Love. How Akhilan locks horns with Love forms the rest of the story.

The viewers say "Inkokkadu" has a predictable story and beaten-to-death screenplay. The first half of the movie has slow-paced narration, which is not engaging. The story gains momentum before the interval, but the dragging narration is continued in the second half. The climax is good.

Vikram has delivered brilliant performances in both the roles and he is the showman in the film. Nayantara and Nithya Menen have done justice to their roles. The performances of supporting artistes Nassar, Thambi Ramaiah, Bala, Karunakaran and Riythvika are also assets of the movie, say the viewers.

"Inkokkadu" has superb production values, and Harris Jayaraj's background score, RD Rajasekhar's cinematography and the amazing choreography of action sequences are the attractions on the technical front, add the viewers.

We bring you some viewers' verdict shared on Twitter. Here is the live update of "Inkokkadu" movie review by the audience:

Suresh Kondi ‏@V6_Suresh

#Inkokkadu is an okay Watch.#ChiyaanVikram's Great Performance watch out for.Though it is Predictable has its moments.Harris BGM Is Terrific

didz d CT ‏@charandiddi

Good 1st half, kunchum slow pace undi.. Archakam- BGM good concept n excellent interval twist , BGM worked Sluggish screenplay.. Okay movie with good sleeping elements #Inkokkadu ... Below average

Raghava ‏@Raghava4mahesh

Decent 1st half interval twist good Vikram - Nayan scenes #InKokkadu #InKokkadu Weak screenplay 2nd half Anand Shashank disappoints below average #InKokkadu #IruMugan movie my rating 2/5 positives Vikram dual roles,Nayan,Harris BGM Interval twist good Anand Shashank wasted opportunity

Sandeep Aatreya ‏@SandeepAatreya

Done with the first half of #Inkokkadu. Chiyaan #Vikram's performance stands out. Harris Jayaraj's BGM gives goosebumps. Second half drags a bit yet on the whole #Inkokadu makes for good watch. Watch it for #Vikram's stellar performance

Hari Kiran P ‏@Iharik

Watched #Inkokkadu Good movie. #ChiyaanVikram is at his best in both roles.BGM & songs were good. Director narrated the story in a Boring way.DOP is fabulous. #NithyaMenen character is useless.Instead of her any upcoming artist can play it.Overall a average flick

ॐ Deepak ‏@DeepakKodela

Done with #Inkokkadu. Slow paced thriller. Logics aside, okay movie.

aHf ‏@adhyayam

Avg first half with terrific BGM #Inkokkadu Along with Vikram, it is Harris Jayaraj who stands out with his outstanding BGM throughout the film #Inkokkadu More than characters in the film, The film itself needs SPEED. Sluggish and boring narration in 2nd half #Inkokkadu

HuM@N JukeB0x ‏@mad_bwoyy

Ok first half... fights n interval twist r good..single point has been elaborated too long.. #Inkokkadu boring and illogical second half. watch it for vikram,else skip it #Inkokkadu aa ending endi ra nayana..commercial product advertisement laga undi lol.. #Inkokkadu

Chandrakanth ‏@itschandrakanth

#Inkokkadu 2.5/ 5 Its all about Vikram Show. Especially Love character. Gud First Half. SecondHalf Big letdown.

Chenna ‏@chenna_prince

Good First Half Below Average Second Half #Inkokkadu Movie May Fails Vikram Never Fails Awesome actor

Moviebuff ‏@RVaitla

Decent first half with good interval block and good action sequences....script could be better...!! #Inkokkadu #IruMurugan #Inkokkadu....Superb performance by Vikram & lead, intense action sequences and engaging bgm....script is too predictble and also a big let down....but is definitely a worth watch..!!

AnjaN ‏@AnjaniAries

Watched #Inkokkadu Terrific Thriller Vikram Vikram and Vikram top performance Nayan & BgM

Ravi kiran ‏@kinnuPSPK

Interval bang aaaaaaattttt #NayanMass #Inkokkadu. @Jharrisjayaraj BGM next level #Inkokkadu #Nayanthara rocksss

PrabhasDIEhardfan ‏@BeVikhy 27m27

1st half ok avg comedythe interval twist made interesting..gud performance by #NithyaMenen #ChiyaanVikram #Nayanthara #IruMugan

దేవ గణేష్ ‏@Gani2121

Excellent BGM & title sequence #HarrisJayraj ✌ #Inkokkadu #ChiyaanVikram the eye candy #Nayanthara #Helena song #NithyaMenon too garnished the screen BGM attention grabbing

Rustum Chowdary !! ‏@DathuRulz

Interval twist bagundi.. Slow ga unna Chaltha 1st half #Inkokkadu

iQlik Movies ‏@iqlikmovies

#ChiyaanVikram #Inkokkadu 1st half captivating n Interesting. @NayantharaU twist #Luv game starts now

Telugu360 ‏@Telugu360

#Inkokkadu #IruMugan is an illogical movie. Bad script selection by Vikram. Slim prospects at the box office.

Lab Reports ‏@Inside_Infos

Decent 1st half, avg 2nd half. #Inkokkadu

Ravi kiran ‏@kinnuPSPK

Interval bang aaaaaaattttt #NayanMass #Inkokkadu

Vikas kanna ‏@Vikaskanna23

Gud first half with interesting story vikrams marvellous acting #Inkokkadu

summer ‏@superrbowl

1st half is good. Terrific BGM is the major asset. #Inkokkadu interval scene/twist rachal anta #Inkokkadu 2nd half below average..overall average movie

Pandu ‏@pandu_kdp 3h3 hours ago

Decent first half with superb interval twist, average second half.. Overall average #Inkokkadu

Sangeetha devi ‏@Sangeetha_Devi

#IruMugan #Inkokkadu Racy, slick entertainer. Vikram steals the show. Lots to 'love'. But some portions in the latter half were a letdown.

Venkat (TWTP) ‏@PrAbHaS_FaNaTiC

Done with First Half #Inkokkadu #IruMugan Decent One Twist #Inkokkadu #IruMugan

NazeerKhan ‏@nazeerkhanp

Ok first half..vth interval twist nd good bgm.. #Inkokkadu

Vamsi krishna ‏@pvamk

1st half done Avg ga undi BGM terrific #Inkokkadu

Satya ‏@SatyaLoquacious

Barring Vikram's amazing efforts & few fabulous technical aspects, #IruMugan or #Inkokkadu is a bloody below par. Vikram admirers praise it.

Venkatesh Venky ‏@venkybest

1st half Baane undi.. Interval Twist Superb #Inkokkadu 2nd Half is a Complete let down Hats Off to Vikram's Passion and Dedication towards Cinema bt his Wait for a Big Hit Continues.. #Inkokkadu

14 ‏@shasha1495

#Inkokkadu interval twist makes it an avg first half! Looks like inspired from GI Joe retaliation! BGM maatram #Inkokkadu yet again a dif movie frm Vikram he is kickass as love especialy in d hospital sceneunwantd scens disturbs d flow!an avg flick