After the entire human race was put to shame for inflicting hurt and pain on animals in Palakkad and Himachal Pradesh, a video has surfaced on the social media, which is winning several hearts. A monkey waited patiently at a nursing home after being injured until he finally gets noticed by the medical staff, which then treats him. The incident happened in Dandeli in Karnataka.

Dandeli in Karnataka is known for its thick jungles and wildlife sanctuary, which is home to elephants, monkeys, and panthers.

The langoor waits outside a nursing home in Dandeli for treatmentFacebook

In the video, an injured langoor is seen sitting at the steps of Patil Nursing Home in Karnataka, where he later receives medical care.

Animals show the way - again

At a time when people are getting hyper for not receiving medical care and aid as they complain about not getting a bed at a hospital raising fingers at the govt, animals once again show us the way to be better humans and support each other in the times of crisis.

The video appeared on Facebook page 'Lets Go Dandeli' in which the injured animal waits for his turn and people watch him in amazement from behind.

The video was shared on Twitter by Indian Forest Service officer Sandeep Tripathi and he captioned it, "Amazing... an injured monkey turns up at Patil Hospital, Dandeli, for medical care!"

As he gets noticed, a person comes to check the animal and is heard saying, "Ye Dr Patil ke hospital mein aaya hai treatment karaane (He has come to Dr Patil's hospital for treatment)."

People later reached out to the monkey, patting him and applying medicine as the animal sits at a washbasin patiently. He also indicates where exactly his injury was.

Tripathi further wrote, "Praiseworthy compassion by staff."

The video has since gone viral. The heartwarming video has been viewed over 3,000 times on Twitter while on Facebook, the video has collected thousands of views with many people pouring out their love and respect for the hospital staff.

Sandeep Tripathi's video about the incidentTwitter