Following remarks by Indian Overseas Congress (IOC) Chairman Sam Pitroda on inheritance tax in America, the grand old party has distanced itself saying that it is not always the case that Pitroda's views reflect the position of the Congress and many times his views are not those of the party.

According to Pitroda, a 55 per cent inheritance tax is levied in America and the government takes 55 per cent share. He said that property should be left for the public.

"If a person has property worth US dollars 10 million, then after his death, 45 per cent of the property goes to his children and 55 per cent of the property goes to the government," Pitroda said and added that there is no such law in India.

"Such issues should be discussed. We are talking about policies that are in the interest of the people, not just the rich," said Pitroda.

However, Pitroda's statement led to a controversy, with the BJP tearing into the Congress.

Even as Pitroda accused the BJP of twisting his remarks to divert attention from core issues, the grand old party was quick to distance itself from his statement.

Congress General Secretary Jairam Ramesh said that Pitroda's views do not always reflect the position of the Congress.

"Sam Pitroda has been a guru, friend, philosopher and guide to many people across the world including me. He has made many important contributions to the development of India. He is the President of the Indian Overseas Congress," Ramesh wrote on X.

"Pitroda ji openly expresses his views on the issues that he feels necessary to speak about. In a democracy, a person is certainly free to express his views, discuss and debate personal views," the tweet further read.

"But this does not mean that Pitroda ji's views always reflect the position of the Indian National Congress. At times, his views differ. Now his comments are being sensationalised and presented in a different context to divert attention," it added.

(With inputs from IANS)