Xbox One
Next Xbox One update to feature Reuters

Ever since rumours surfaced about Sony working on a new mid-cycle and powerful PSK or PlayStation 4.5 or Neo, a possible similar console, talks of Xbox One II coming out gained momentum as well. Though Microsoft has not shared any hints of such development, one industry insider -- Twitter user Shinobi602 -- known for his revealing leaks that have turned out to be true, hinted that Microsoft could have a new Xbox One.

His hint came as an answer to a question by a Twitter user. The question was, "you think there will be a more powerful Xbox just like PS4 Neo?" To which he replied: "I do."

If what he says turns out to be true, then there are high chances that Microsoft could unveil the new Xbox One console at the upcoming E3 2016 annual gaming event. Gamepur, the gaming blog, reported that following such an unveiling, Microsoft could release it in spring 2016.

But these are only rumours and should be taken with a pinch of salt.

The rumoured PlayStation 4.5 console is supposed to help in powering up PlayStation VR and could outplay 4K. Recently, there were also rumours of a new "Spider-Man" video game coming for PlayStation 4.5 from developer Sucker Punch.