Family members of Indore-based Industrialist Akansha Rathi claimed that her in-laws harassed her and thus provoked her to take the extreme step.

"I am going to end my life. My in-laws harass me a lot..." these were reportedly the last words of Rathi, according to Daily Mail. The 32-year-woman had typed this message on her cell phone but couldn't send it to her mother.

Akansha's mother Anita Singh claimed on Tuesday that she found a draft message in her daughter's phone.

"Since the message was saved with my name in the sender's column, we assume that she wanted to send that message to me, but it was never delivered," Singh, told Hindustan Times.

Rathi's in-laws, who were booked under charges of dowry harassment, remained silent over the whole issue.

Rathi's family members discovered a few mails that her husband had sent to his father asking him not to take his business from him, HT quoted Singh as saying.

"They never harassed the couple. They certainly had problems with Akanksha and Anirudh getting married and they later disowned their son, but they never wanted to snatch their shares in business," Daily Mail quoted a family friend of the Rathis as saying.

Singh denied the family friend's claim and said, "Anirudh's family was harassing my daughter and son-in-law. My daughter stayed at their south Delhi's Malviya Nagar house for around five months after which they had to leave due to constant harassment. Anirudh's grandfather helped them and gave them his Indore factory to take care of." 

"Anirudh also wanted a separation in property from his parents and had filed a case regarding this," she added. 

Akansha and Anirudh married in 2004 with support from her family. In 2009, the couple had won the Outstanding Entrepreneurship Award.