Man mauled to death by crocodile in Indonesia
Indonesian authorities cut open a crocodile after they shot and killed the six-metre (20 foot) long creature close to a riverbank in Marukangan on March 2, 2018STR/AFP/Getty Images

A 44-year-old Indonesian scientist named Desy Tuwo was eaten up by a crocodile who jumped across an 8-foot wall pulling her in the pool while she was feeding the beast on the morning of January 11.

Desy was the head at CV Yosiki Laboratory in Tomohon city, Indonesia. Described as an animal lover by her colleagues, she could not survive after t17-foot long crocodile named Merry, pulled one of her arms under its jaws. The female scientists' co-workers noticed a strange shape in the pool water after which they found Desy's mutilated body still in the crocodile's mouth, the Sun reported.

"We were curious when we looked at the crocodile pool. There was a floating object. It was Deasy's body," Desy's colleague, Colleague Erling Rumengan said.

Rumengan added that they reported the incident to the nearby police station and at that time Desy's body parts were still inside the beast's mouth as it had not finished eating the scientist.

There have been repeated incidents of Merry crocodile killing other crocodiles in the pool too. 

The crocodile owner is a Japanese national who was not present at the time of the incident and the police are now on a lookout to trace him and investigate if he had the legal permission to own a crocodile.

"If there is no permit  in the possession of this Japanese businessman who is the crocodile owner, then he may be detained," Raswin Sirait, Tomohon Police Chief, said

Meanwhile, the crocodile named Merry was taken by the local police officials, strapped on a truck and would subsequently be transported to a wildlife centre to test if he has eaten human body parts.