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India has the lowest average broadband speed in Asia-Pacific region, reveals the latest edition of the quarterly State of the Internet report released by content delivery network services provider Akamai. The Q4 2015 edition of the report, which provides data and insights on broadband connectivity around the world, says India has an average connection speed of 2.8 Mbps, well below the global average of 5.6 Mbps.

However, India's average broadband speed has increased by about 36 percent since Q4 2014. The country ranks 114 globally, just behind Philippines (107/3.2 Mbps) and Vietnam (95/3.8 Mbps), and continues to have the tenth-highest number of unique IP addresses.

South Korea continues to lead the list, clocking an average speed of 26.7 Mbps and an average peak connection speed of 135.7 Mbps. India's average peak connection speed stands at 21.2 Mbps, giving it a global rank of 115. The gap between the two nations, in terms of average speed, widened from 18 Mbps to 24 Mbps, as South Korea increased average speed by 30 percent.

Indonesia has registered a 109 percent growth in average speeds year on year (YoY). It also registered a 495 percent growth with regard to average peak connection speed. Clocking a speed of 79.8 Mbps, it ranks sixth globally.

Among the top 10 nations with the highest average speed, behind South Korea are Sweden, Norway, Japan, the Netherlands, Hong Kong, Latvia, Switzerland, Finland and Denmark, all registering an average speed above 16 Mbps.