Hate crime is a serious offense and a nuisance that people continue to be subjected to even in 2020. It could be based on race, religion and more, but the end result is often violence. Irving Police Department was notified of one such hate crime incident, where a Texas family received a threatening letter asking them to leave US and go back to their country.

The Irving Police Department shared a copy of the letter on Facebook, confirming that they are investigating the matter. According to the police, this appears to be an isolated incident. But another Facebook post by a user identified as Rachita Sharma, an Irving resident, said there have been at least 3 people who received the threatening letter.

Contents of the letter

The letter sent via post is a strongly-worded threat, which demands immigrants to return to their own country.

"American citizens in IT industry and other professional fields have lost their jobs to many Indians and Chinese. We asked that you leave the country without further delay," reads a copy of the letter.

Hate crime
Hate crimeFacebook/Irvine PD

The letter goes on to add: "We will have no choice but to shoot mercilessly at the workplace, in community, on pool or on playground.

The Irving Police Department assured that it is already working on the case and the investigation is underway. "We take harassment and hate crime extremely serious. An investigator has been assigned to this case," the police statement read.

Origin of the letter

It remains unknown who sent the letter or letters to the residents of Irving, Texas, but the language used in the letter shows several grammatical errors such as "return back," "on pool," "on playground" etc. Several users have pointed out the origin of the letter is likely a foreign entity or an individual, who's trying to malign Americans. 

This could go further beyond a hate crime. Some international terror outfits trying to pit Indians against Americans. One country that likely benefits from such rivalry is Pakistan, which is no stranger to dealing in such activities. But one thing is clear that Americans, be it MAGA supporters or Trump supporters or otherwise, are not behind such malicious act by the way the letter has been constructed. The investigation into the matter will reveal further truth.